NeoCode Networks Projects Resource

Welcome to the NeoCode Networks Projects Resource.

This is the main page to all of our current projects.

In-progress projects


Complete projects

LiveJournal RSS ReSyndicator - Reformats LiveJournal RSS into simple HTML

Firefox RSS button - Given a name and URL, causes Firefox to show it's add RSS button

UnXZP - Extractor for HL2 on the Xbox's container files

Continuing projects

NeoNet Productions - NeoNet Production's video projects

Microsummaries - Various microsummaries for Firefox 2.0

Firefox Extensions - Extensions for Firefox

Dropped projects

HL2 Character Battle - Battle with your favorite Half-Life 2 characters. Based off a forum thread on the Steampowered forums. Not linked to because it's mostly broken and incomplete.

Community - A link based community website. Demo/test site for development. Not under construction as the project was never finalized.